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About Jules construction

At Jules Construction Limited, we are more than just builders; we are architects of your vision. With a legacy of craftsmanship, innovation, and integrity, we have been shaping spaces and exceeding expectations for over 10 years. Our commitment to quality, safety, and client satisfaction is at the core of everything we do.

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We understand the importance of managing resources efficiently. Our financial acumen ensures that projects are completed within budget without compromising quality.

24/7 Hours Support

Explore our portfolio to see how our 24/7 support has made a difference in the success of our clients' projects. Their stories demonstrate our commitment to delivering exceptional results, day or night.

Health And Safety

Safety First: We make no compromises when it comes to safety. Our comprehensive safety protocols are designed to protect everyone involved in our projects.

Public policy

We work closely with government agencies and adhere to all relevant public policies and regulations, contributing to the well-being of our communities. Community-Centric Approach- Our projects are designed with the local community in mind, promoting economic growth, sustainability, and improved public infrastructure.


We incorporate sustainable and environmentally responsible practices into our projects, safeguarding both people and the planet.


leadership isn't just a title; it's a commitment to setting new standards in construction. With a legacy of innovation, unwavering integrity, and a passion for excellence, we are proud to be your trusted partner for all your construction needs.

Our Leaders

Globally, capital investors, policy makers and communities are seeking trusted partners who can deliver efficient, healthy, resilient, culturally

Engr. Olishile

Engr. Olishile


Engr Salau

Engr Salau

(B.Sc, M.Sc, MNSE, C.ENG)

Engr Fagunwa

Engr Fagunwa

(B.Sc, M.Sc, MNSE, C.ENG)

46 Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos
Mon - Sat: 7:00-18:00
(+234) 8185233514
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